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Awards & Commissions:
2006 PeaceWriting Award (Omni Center for Peace)

2005 The Joe A. Callaway Award, New Dramatists

2004 Jury for 44th MES International Theater Festival Sarajevo, October, 2004

2004 Fulbright Senior Specialist (Higher Institute of Drama & Cultural Animation; Rabat, Morocco)

2004 Play Commission from The Ohio State University Theatre Dept. & Office of International Affairs

2004 Opera Commission; Composer Him Sophy, Cambodian Living Arts

2003 Fulbright Senior Specialist (Royal University of Fine Arts; Cambodia)

2003 James Thurber Playwright-In-Residence

2002 Contemporary American Theater Festival New Play Commission

2002 Theatreworks/USA New Play Commission

2001 Asian Cultural Council Artist’s Residency Grant in Asia (Cambodia)

1999 Roger L. Stevens award:The Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays

1999 Winner Nausicaa Franco-American Play Contest

1998 Van Nostrand Playwright Commission

1996 Eric Kocher Playwrights Award ( O'Neill Theater Center)

Articles by Filloux:
- Vulnerable Cultures, Contemporary Theatre Review, Vol.16 (2), 2006 (Routledge/UK)

- A Public Garden; Contemporary Theatre Review, Vol.15 (2), 2005 (Routledge/UK)

- Seeing Eyes: How contemporary plays open eyes and hearts to the legacy of Cambodia’s killing fields; American Theatre, January 2005

- Ten Gems on a Thread II; The Drama Review, Winter, 2004

- Ten Gems on a Thread; Manoa: In the Shadow of Angkor: Contemporary Writing From Cambodia 2004 & @nd…a New Dramatists Publication, Winter 2002

- Oran; Confrontation, No. 54/55 Fall 1994/Winter1995 (Short Fiction)

Translation (French to English):

1992 Boomerang, a play by Philippe Minyana; Ubu Repertory Theater, (w/ Kevin Duffy)

2003 Summer; Queen’s Quarterly: A Canadian Review; Short Story, Aurélie Resch

1984 March; Dramatics Magazine: Interview with Eugene Ionesco


New Dramatists, Writers Guild of America, Dramatists Guild, Women's Project, New Georges, Board of Directors: New Dramatists, League of Professional Theatre Women, Theatre Without Borders: Co-Founder, Leadership America American Issues Forum, The Catherine Filloux Collection at Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute, The Ohio State University

Articles on Filloux’s plays include:

- Reparative Performances (Lemkin’s House), by Joshua Chambers-Letson, Women & Performance, Routledge

- Our History Too; The Artists’ Turn; ‘Outsider Art’ In the Afermath of Violence by Lindsay French, Anthropology, Rhode Island School of Design

- Rhetorical Memory, Political Theatre, and the Traumatic Present by Wendy S. Hesford, OSU, transFORMATIONS: Media Review & Prentice Hall Anthology

- Remembering from a Crossroads by Boreth Ly, Udaya: Journal of Khmer Studies

- When Different Worlds Embrace by Carol Martin, Theater, New York University