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A writer on a grant to work in an unnamed nuthouse of a country decides to buy a gun and kill the head of state. This wicked farce of logic and intention explodes like a caustic party popper when Eve—the American innocent in a garden of evil—tries out of fury, frustration, and addiction to her cause, to assassinate the Boss.

For information about performing this play contact Elaine Devlin Literary Inc. Telephone: (212) 842-9030

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KILLING THE BOSS & DOG AND WOLF, two plays by Catherine Filloux, with an introduction by Cynthia E. Cohen (Brandeis University).

“…this beautifully performed, touching one-act play…Ms. Filloux's strong sense of theater and comedy are apparent…the work's affecting quality…sneaks up on you in this subtle production…”
- CARYN JAMES, New York Times

“…attains an odd kind of universality…the play makes you feel like the Boss is just next door-It helps that Filloux has written dialogue that strikes a balance between earnestness and wit, with frank declarations occasionally - enjoyably - wrong-footed by somber jokes…“Killing the Boss” achieves something odd and slightly unreal with its detailed schedule of events and dreamlike rewirings…”