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Houston Grand Opera’s commissioned chamber opera, NEW ARRIVALS, Music by John Glover, Libretto by Catherine Filloux, premiered in June, 2012. 

“Catherine Filloux’s libretto is exceptionally well written. It effortlessly relates Yani Rose Keo’s story to the audience, delving into the emotional and psychological torment of adversity upon the soul as exemplified by the characterization of Yani Rose Keo and the three refugees she helps during the opera. Catherine Filloux adeptly employs thematic devices to explore the human desire and need to help others, ultimately furthering humanity and leaving the audience with a craving to give back to any person or community in need...New Arrivals is a sensational new opera that will hopefully be performed many more times around the world, presenting a story that deserves to be told, received, and appreciated.” - for the rest of the Broadway World review click below

Broadway World
A Touching and Inspiring Opera

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