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Brutal and poetic, this searing drama follows a promising young attorney who passes up a lucrative offer at a big American law firm to defend the survivor of an attempted honor killing in her native Turkey. Challenging barbaric traditions and a corrupt legal system, she embarks on a life-changing journey of social activism and self-discovery, while developing an extraordinary bond of sisterhood with her visionary client.

“This moving character study pits East against West, tradition against progress, and ambition against conscience, in a drama whose lyrical dialogue evokes the surprising ambivalence of this wrenching battle.” 

- Lawler, Village Voice

“It's a relief to see such economical storytelling - a kind of anti-Homebody/Kabul where characters say what they mean and action occurs at a lively pace. Only five actors grace the stage though it seems a dozen do - the characters are rich and cleanly drawn…The Beauty Inside joins a string of exceptional pieces performed at the 45 Below Culture Project space…These are not run-of-the mill productions, but theater with purpose.”

- Douglas Singleton, L Magazine

“…what makes the relationship--and the play--work is that Filloux resists the temptation to portray the issues in black and white…Filloux also never forgets the personal cost of trying to change the world; both Yalova and Devrim take huge risks…and Filloux doesn't try to make one more valuable or relevant than the other.” 

- Loren Noveck,


Plays for Three. New York: Vintage Books

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